The US is and has been since its foundation a warlike nation.

In 1835 Alexis de Tocqueville pointed out in his book, "Democracy in America",  the primary cause for the existence of the war-loving mentality in the US: the fundamental desire of Americans to think and feel the same way about all things political. For an American to express a point of view that goes contrary to the prevailing political views of his fellows is a sure path to his isolation. (Of course, many Americans valiantly differ from the opinions of the mass.)

The sharing of a common point of view is indispensable to any military organization. A military organization cannot tolerate a contrary opinion amongst the soldiery. The American mentality is therefore ideally suited for soldiery, and this fits in with what de Tocqueville noted back in 1835: Americans want all to think alike, and those who differ are outcasts.  Most Americans are uncomfortable in the presence of individuals who do not share their views. A manifestation of this discomfort is the creation of the silly "Safe Spaces" at American Universities, where the so-called students can find refuge from listening to uncomfortable ideas.

The fact is that Americans dearly love WAR. The ideal American is a soldier who achieves the distinguished rank of a "Navy SEAL"; a position accorded to those men most proficient at killing, preferably by surprising their enemy.

The love of Americans for war is clearly expressed in the colossal amounts of resources which the US burns up every year, in its budget for Military Expenditures. The production of armaments is nothing more than the burning- up of scarce resources, by turning useful resources into useless hardware and ammunition, whose production is nevertheless counted as part of GNP, and maintaining a vast number of highly-paid engineers devoted to the creation of newer and more deadly weapons, along with a huge yearly expenditure in maintaining hundreds of useless military bases around the whole world.

Americans love war. The US has become the great bully of this world, threatening, invading and bombing into wreckage, nation after nation.

President Donald J. Trump is clearly a psychopath, as demonstrated by his own admission regarding his method of negotiation, which is to squash the weak in order to get his own way in business.

At this time, it is the unfortunate fate of Mexico to be the object of Mr. Trump's bullying. Mexico is a peace-loving country that has never made war on anybody - with the exception, of course, of Mexican Pancho Villa's irruption into the town of Columbus, NM, on the morning of March 9, 1916, when he merrily shot up the place before retreating back into Mexico. Little known is the fact that Villa decided to attack the peaceful town of Columbus, as a reprisal against the US, which had permitted the passage of the troops of Villa's enemy through US territory in order for Villa's enemy to be able to better attack him. To punish Villa's audacity, the US President Woodrow Wilson sent US General Pershing into Mexico to hunt Villa down. Pershing chased Villa up and down Northern Mexico but never found him; finally Pershing and his troops were withdrawn and sent to participate in more glorious butchery, World War One in Europe.

Americans dearly love war.

The present problem is that the US has run out of worthwhile enemies - that is to say, enemies who can be utterly crushed and destroyed, somewhere else, far away. So now poor neighbor Mexico is a candidate for US destruction, and Trump's psyche is attuned to the opportunity: "crush the weak"!

However, the destruction of Mexico, laying it total waste, would not really be satisfactory, for the American lust for war demands the whole world as the final and ardently desired object of its aggression.

A war to conquer and subdue the whole Western Hemisphere, might be more satisfactory. But it would be lacking in an important element, the element of triumph over a worthwhile enemy. There is little glory in kicking the ass of millions of "peons", as American red-necks refer to their neighbors to the South.

There are only two worthwhile enemies of the US in the world today: Russia and China, and they are allied against the US. They stand united against the American lust for world-conquest.

The American lust for war will inevitably drive the US into war with Russia and China combined.  Nothing can alter this drive. It is built-in to the mentality of the American people and as impossible to eradicate, as its appetite for hamburgers.

There shall be war with Russia and China. In the minds of the leaders of the US - the apparent leaders and the more powerful hidden leaders - war with Russia and China shall take place when the right opportunity arises.

The result of this war will be the resolution of the present financial, social and political woes of the US, because the US will cease to exist as a consequence of the coming war.

Russia and China will annihilate the US. The American people will not have time to regret having provoked this war, because a large majority of them will be literally cooked within a few minutes of the outbreak of the war. The remaining Americans will be too occupied searching for food and shelter, to think about politics.

Russia is well-prepared for the war with the US. China as well, has prepared for a nuclear war. Russian air-space is sealed against incoming missiles with their highly-advanced S-300, S- 400, S-500 and soon, their S-600 batteries of anti-missile missiles. Some American nuclear missiles might penetrate these defenses, but on the other hand, the US has practically no effective defenses at all. US has no bomb shelters for its population. Russia and China have whole cities underground, as well as innumerable bomb-shelters for their populations. A few Russian submarines off-shore, armed with nuclear missiles, would obliterate both coasts of the US within minutes of the outbreak of war.

Russia has, in past wars, lost many tens of millions of its people by waiting for its enemies to attack. This will not be the case again. Russia is well-aware of the American lust for war and will not again make the mistake of waiting for an attack. For the time being,  Russia is constantly needled by the US, and patiently ignores all provocations.

However, when the final and intolerable provocation takes place, Russia will hit the US with a totally devastating first-strike. Why should they wait?

That will be the end of the American lust for war - and of the US itself.

Undoubtedly, human nature being what it is, there will be other wars to mar an era of peace in the world, but they will be localized affairs; there will be no further World Wars, at least for several hundred years.


Прайс, Уго Салинас

Price, Hugo Salinas

Мексиканский миллиардер, глава Мексиканской Гражданской Серебряной Ассоциации (Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver), сторонник австрийской школы экономики, активно лоббирует парламент на предмет принятия серебряной монеты в одну унцию "Libertad" в качестве официальной денежной единицы.

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